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're keeping an eye on. a california parole board panel recommending parole for a charles manson follower. 70-year-old bruce davis there on the left of your screen has been behind bars for 40 years. convicted for his role in two murders with the guy on the right, charles manson, in 1969. >>> actress daryl hannah facing criminal trespass charges. her manager says she and another woman were arrested in texas while protesting construction of the keystone oil pipeline. >>> parents of tyler clemente say they will not sue anyone involved in the landmark cyberbullying case. the rutgers student killed himself in 2010 after his roommate used a camera to spy on his sexual encounter with another man. jenna: major turbulence at the third's biggest airline. american airlines canceling dozens of flights because of concerns that seats may suddenly just pop loose. thousands of passengers may be impacted. this all comes with the company embroiled in a major labor dispute. anna kooiman live in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: the loose seat issue is adding to travel stress for thousands of passengers. a
are still several years away. space exploration technologies of hawthorne, california, or space ex-for short, launched the falcon 9 rocket from cape canaveral, florida, at 8:30 onboard a rocket. a capsule called dragon contains 1,000 pounds of food, clothing equipment, science experiments including 23 designed and built by students. the cargo includes a freezer that can store laboratory samples at temperatures as low as 300 degrees below zero. the supplies are scheduled to reach the space station on wednesday. the capsule will remain docked for a few weeks. the a second company, orbital sciences of virginia is preparing a rocket for test flight later this year. exciting future ahead for private space travel. jon: great stuff. julie banderas, thanks. >> reporter: sure. jenna: early voting is underway in ohio right now, a key swing state. already there are issues which may not be decided until just before the election. in fact several lawsuits are before the courts now and how those cases turn out may impact the outcome of the presidential election. mike tobin is live in chicago with more on t
prices were a buck 80. they are now in california $6. he has no plan for energy independence for america, and that's the problem, chris. >> you can't honestly say that the unemployment rate hasn't gone down unless republicans don't want to look at the actual facts. it's 7.8. he's created jobs. >> this president has been a hinderance to the economy. >> president obama has created more jobs than the last two republican presidents combined. >> absolutely not skwro*frpbz we have to leavnot not. jon: we have to leave it there. i have to wish you a happen see birthday. >> look automatic. jon: jenna is baking you a cake it will be in the newsroom. >> thanks. jenna: judgment day for a convicted child predator. i know this story has impacted so much you. it's affected so many of us in the newsroom as well. jerry sandusky finds out how long he will spend behind bars and leaves us with his explanation of yes was found guilty. you'll want to hear that. judge napolitano joins us with his take on the sentencing and all the rest, next. [ male announcer ] unitedhealthcare wants to know "what do you want
and congratulations on the book. >> thank you, jenna, airses in a murder. woman and children found dead in california. the crime scene shocking even veteran police officers. who could behind this terrible crime? >>> plus new reaction to e-mails received almost in realtime as the u.s. consulate in libya was unattack. what did the white house know and when? ambassador john bolton joins us. oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh, this looks amazing! that's a good deal! [ man ] wow! it is so good! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15 entrees under $15, seafoodchicken and more! oo! the tilapia with roasted vegetables! i'mctually looking at the wd grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. you so fascinated by the prices, you keep rambling o
because of the calorie count. wait til you hear. for over 60,000 california foster children, extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. jon: right now we're getting some new information on the number one issue for americans this election, jobs. and the latest reading is not a good one. weekly jobless claims coming in today at a four-month high, spiking to 388,000. that's an increase of 46,000 from the previous week. a disappointing reminder for 23 million americans either underemployed or unemployed of just how hard it is to find fulfilling work. peter barnes of the fox business network is live in washington keeping an eye on these numbers, so what's going on with them, peter? >> reporter: well, j
often a nasty congressional race in california gets physical, harris has that from the breaking news desk. march reus. >>> it started out as just pleasantly bitter. two house democrats running for one seat after redistricting out in california. suddenly one of them seems to kind of bear-hug the other. [shouting] >> reporter: that is a pretty tight grip he has on him, we understand from the audience, enough for the guy being hugged to say very loud lease, and you can hear him at one point on the tape saying, get out of my face. the taller guy is representative brad sherman, 57-year-old the ranking democrat. the smaller in stature, 71-year-old howard berman. they are fighting over the 30th district seat. it's one of the most expensive house contests in the country right now. let's take a watch again. i want you to notice berman appears to be startled. a sheriff's deputies joins them from behind on stage to break it up. these men are arguing over politics, people, a bill as we understand on an immigration-related issue. you'll notice the crowd cheering and jeering. howard berman's campa
that is why the california appeals court sided with the fed said the state can't interfere. if you register to mail by mail you don't have to prove your citizen not in time for the federal election but certainly in time for whatever elections arizona has next year. jon: i know you spend a lot of time on your bench gazing into your crystal ball. do you have a predecision shun how the supreme court will rule. >> i think the federal statute. the supreme court will say what arizona is attempting to do is a baseline every state should do, assure that only american citizens can vote. and the federal government never intended to interfere with this when that statute was written back in the '90s when bill clinton was in the white house. i really believe that. otherwise the supreme court, which doesn't like to get involved in election law unless it has to, wouldn't get involved in this one. jon: judge napolitano, having to see what they decide. pleasure to see you. >> thank you, jon. jenna: this is question for the judge, what do caviar, a robot squirrel and a musical about climate change have in co
california, for the drop saying that it was having issues processing unemployment claims. but economists also had predicted this big bounceback for this past week as this large, unidentified state caught up with processing its jobless claims. jon? jon: well, everybody's asking the question, you know, is the administration in any way manipulating the data ahead of the election? >> reporter: yeah, there have been some concerns and questions about possible manipulation, but one former bush administration labor department official told me this morning that he does not believe the career civil servants that work with this data that he knows are manipulating any of it, but he does say that top officials now at the labor department in the obama administration need to be especially careful with the numbers in this election season. >> the day -- data that you are accountable for as a political appointee is so sensitive not only to the markets, but to elections, that you have to have an even higher standard of accountability in terms of what you press the states for for timely information and what you
a look. nearly 21 million inactive voters. california has the vote. texas nearly two million. florida, new york, illinois also top a million. even though they can still vote after confirming information or reregistering again, critics charge officials are intentionally purging voters with these lists. not so say election officials. louisiana secretary of state tom shedler says the accurate voter list assures elections by having accurate voting list. >> i put voting at the utmost paramount of our legal rights but you can see in business everyone does some type of file maintenance or business list maintenance and i don't see any difference in the voting registration. i think the most important thing out of everything i'm saying is this. these individuals have not voted in almost half a decade. i think people miss that. >> reporter: and some fear with so many names on the inactive rolls they think could create a ripe opening with voter fraud. he is with the group vote guards. >> if that data got into the wrong hands, it is simple to understand how anyone could be able to use that and man
in california already pay some of the highest taxes in the nation. but the state says it really needs more money now, so there's a new push underway to dig deeper into residents' pockets and raise taxes even higher. william la la jeunesse is live n los angeles. this effects your pocketbook, doesn't it, william? >> reporter: well, imagine -- jenna: sorry. [laughter] >> reporter: 52 cents of every dollar that you earn to government. that would be the combined federal and state income tax rate for the top taxpayers in california if the president's tax plan is approved along with a 30% tax increase proposal from governor jerry brown. >> ask the higher income earners to the today -- pay a little more to keep the economy strong. >> reporter: governor jerry brown says californians need to pay more. >> it's either massive cuts to the schools and colleges, or the most blessed and the most well off paying one or two or three percent more. >> reporter: if it sounds familiar -- >> i also want to ask the wealthiest households in america to pay slightly higher taxes. >> reporter: brown did take a page from th
. parents of a 14-year-old girl in california who died after drinking two monster energy drinks in a 24-hour period are suing the company. an autopsy showing the girl died of heart problems due to caffeine toxicity, and the parents say the drink maker did not warn about the possible risks. monster says that it does say that the drinks are not for kids or for anybody who is overly sensitive to caffeine. monitor's stock taking a hit on the news, jenna, down about 14%. the fda, meantime, the investigating and may decide to limit the amount of caffeine allowed in these energy drinks. right now soda does are a cap, energy drinks do not. back to you. jenna: that's an interesting fact, i didn't know that, rick. watch out. all right, thank you. jon: let's take you inside america's election headquarters once again and talk a little politics. you know, over the next two weeks the swing states can expect all kinds of attention a barrage of campaign ads and cam pawn visits are coming -- campaign visits are coming their way. tomorrow both president obama and governor romney will be making stops in the st
feeling an earthquake and it's in the in california. the quake mitting where people are so not used to shaking. a grim milestone, a big milestone we've reached, the number of americans killed reaching 2,000 in the war and there is more violence today. our very own con tpho colonel oliver north is with our troops in afghanistan. he'll bring us a live report next. with the spark cash card from capital one, sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thinwork? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% casback on every purche, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the ark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice. gregg: the united states recognizing a grim milestone this morning. 2,000 americans service members killed in afghanistan since this war began 11 ye
character. in california, i'll read you a florida law as well. in california it includes qualities of honesty, fairness, candor, trustworthiness and observance of a fiduciary respondent. if you're here illegally, i have a problem with fitting you in that good moral character. and the same in florida. you have disqualifying conduct not just if you're unlawfully here, that's one big thing. fraud, deceit or misrepresentation. gregg: yeah. want to put it up on the screen, i looked it up. it is the rule in florida, this is part of the rule, what is that, 3-11, and it baseically says, esther, a record manifesting lack of honesty, trut worthiness, and go to the big print down below, there you see it, unlawful conduct -- well, that's unlawful conduct -- acts involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit and abuse of the legal product. isn't that exactly what this would-be lawyer did? >> no, it's absolutely nothing about what he did. gregg: really? did he break the law? >> he did not break the law. gregg: of course he did, he's here illegally. that's breaking the law. >> no, no, no. wait, he was -- h
returned. >>> multiple shooting targeting members of the same family. california police say two people were killed and three injured when a gunman fired at a business and nearby home where the owner's family lived. >>> attorneys on the colorado murder mass cure case were in court hammering out schedule problems. today's meeting was to possibly discuss to delay a preliminary hearing for shooting suspect james holmes but his defense lawyers asked for more time to prepare. jenna: a lot of new information coming in on the deadly terror attack in libya. right now the u.s. response is being questioned as well as the way forward. joining us now, secretary donald rumsfeld the former secretary of defense under president george w. bush. secretary rumsfeld, nice to have you with us today. >> thank you, jenna. jenna: we knew in libya there were many different departments at work. it wasn't just the defense department, the state department, and other agencies and the like. if you were leon panetta today, you're the defense secretary today, what is the way forward and what is the role of the military if
, right? has this idea ever been used before? >> it has. it has been used in other states. california, texas, new york. even arizona used it. they used it for about 20 years but it just doesn't work. recently governor brewer in arizona signed a new bill to try it again. state officials want to create a mind-set anytime someone is at work, they should be thinking, hey, maybe i can get a bonus. >> if somebody is going to be working in a bureaucracy, in an agency, they are going to be the ones that will have the best insight into what they can do to save money. it isn't going to be a legislator. sometimes it is not even the director. it is the peel on the front line. >> reporter: believe it or not in the city of phoenix officials say employees were submitting ideas outside of the program. so not necessarily to get a cash reward but to try to help the city cut down on costs. so i guess those are the kinds of employees you hope will stick around. jenna, back to you. jenna: sounds like a very interesting idea. maybe this would work in congress, i don't know. we'll see where it goes from her
incentive. je lexta,igh fo?tdeeveeed >> it has. it has been used in other states. california, texas, new york. even arizona used it. they used it for about 20 years but it just doesn't rk. recently governor brewer in ongn aewllo iai eain ame someone is at work, they should be thinking, hey, maybe i can get a bonus. >> if somebody is going to be working in a bureaucracy, bees t wy they ain b ighto ty cdoo money. it isn't going to be a legislator. sometimes it is not even the director. is the peel on the front line. reporter: believe it or not in the city of pix fis eoyser e radeut o so nsa get a cash reward but to try to help the city cut down on costs. so i guess those are the kinds of employees you hope will stick around. jenna, back to you. jenna: sounds like a very interestinidea. maybe this wul won cossdokn weseer iesfr a,nk vmu >> reporter: okay. jon: going to take you back to washington, d.c. now where chairman darrell issa has just sworn in th first of the witnesses who will testify about the ri osuraman were killed. let's listen in. >> i'm responsible for reclamation security pr
a california kind of story read a 4.0 earthquake rattles the folks in new england. rick folbaum has more. rick: the nuclear power plant is right in the area where this earthquake was felt. thankfully, the plant was off-line. it was being refueled at the time. when the quake struck, there were no problems. and there were no problems anywhere, except for a few rattled new england nerves. >> we are sitting here. i am chasing my food on the table. it sounded like a freight train had dropped over. >> i was sitting in this chair, we had our feet up. the entire table just show up and i thought maybe the dog was under my feet and got up and shook the table. >> i was in an earthquake as a child once, too. we found out the next day that there was a little earthquake. it felt similar. jon: does everyone have a dog in new england? it was felt throughout the area. 4.0 according to the u.s. geological survey. it had about 7:15 p.m. last night. the epicenter about 3 miles deep. since this was felt across such a large area, the ground is older and older. temperature wise. which allows the vibrations. somethin
. there are some, for example, 200 crews coming from the state of california, and as bad as the damage is here in manhattan, it's even worse in portions of long island as well as new jersey. consider this: 62% of the people who live in the garden state are now without power. the governor there, chris christie, does say though the state is going to recover, but what no one seems to be able to say is how long it's going to take before all the lights finally come back on. jon, back to you. jon: that water behind you and the flooded truck really tells the story. david lee miller, thank you. jenna: it's an unbelievable picture really. in the meantime, that storm that we're talking about, of course, sandy, hitting the midwest as well and creating more than 20-foot waves in lake michigan. residents are being urged to stay away from the water there as the threat of flooding still persists. lieutenant brian dykens joins us now by the phone. tell us about the conditions there today. >> good afternoon, jenna. yes, today it seems to be subsiding a little more than yesterday, but yesterday we did experienc
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)